One of the most common questions asked about social media is “What is the difference between Facebook and Instagram?


On the surface both social media platforms, though different in appearance, might seem to accomplish the same goal.  Indeed “way back when” the two companies were competitors of sorts vying for the same customer base few people understood the differences between the two.  But things changed when Facebook purchased Instagram and began building two very different platforms that are designed to accomplish two very different goals.



In Facebook’s own words:

FACEBOOK: is a place for personal discovery. People come to Facebook to share their lives and connect with friends and family. 

INSTAGRAM: is a place for visual inspiration. People on Instagram follow their passions and explore the world through images.

Simply put, Facebook is primarily for expanding personal relationships within your circle of friends and family and for finding new friends. Facebook uses a words to communicate feelings about another person’s thoughts or ideal.  Facebook is mean to be personal, emotional, and relationship based.

Whereas, Instagram is primarily for exploring and expanding oneself.  Instagram is mostly a visual experience and so it helps a person explore the world around them through pictures.  Instagram presents concepts and ideals in a non-verbal visual format and doing so encourages freeform personal interpretation of the thought.  In this way Instagram encourages personal growth.

As both platforms mature the differences will become more obvious.