Greek style light lunch.

Saute’ed Spinach and Cherry Tomatoes

Spinach and Tomatoes in Olive Oil.

People assume a Greek Diet and Mediterranean Diet are synonymous. Turns out there is a significant difference between the Greek Diet (which is generally much more healthy) and the more talked about Mediterranean Diet.  In simplistic terms, the Greek Diet, which really is more a “style” of eating, can be described as Mediterranean flavors with great emphasis on words like “uncomplicated”, “fresh from the ground”, “fresh from the sea”, “green”, “quality”, and “lots more vegetables than meat”.  Most notable about the Greek Diet, with the exception of desserts, is there is very little sugar used and very little red meat.  Almost all meals are dominated by the vegetables.

The photo above shows one of my favorite lunch dishes.  Spinach and tomatoes saute’ed in olive oil topped with a squeeze of fresh lemon and a sprinkle of oregano or marjoram.  The recipe could not be more simple and can be prepared in less than 15 minutes.

The finished dish will have only about 20-25 gm carbohydrates and a whole bunch of anti-oxidants.

Spinach and tomatoes, saute’ed in olive oil.

  • 1 (one) large bunch of small leaf long stem spinach. Wash and leave whole. Do not dry. (the Greeks often use dandelions for this dish).
  • 6 (six) whole cherry tomatoes, cut in half.
  • 1+ (to taste) Tablespoon top quality olive oil.
  • Dried oregano or marjoram flakes.  Sea salt and pepper.
  • 1/3 (one-third) Whole fresh medium sized lemon.
  • Heat a large frying pan to medium to medium high heat.
  • Add olive oil and heat to coat pan.
  • Add all of the spinach and toss to begin cooking.
  • Moisture should not pool in the pan. The pan must be kept hot enough to produce steam from the vegetables’ released moisture but not so hot as to brown the dish.
  • When the spinach is about 1/2 cooked toss in tomatoes and continue cooking until it looks like the photo above.
  • As the cooking finishes, remove the heat; add the lemon juice, salt and pepper, and toss.
  • Serve in a large shallow bistro bowl.  Eat like spaghetti, twirling the greens on a fork.
Parings: Feta cheese, Crusty bread, Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc.