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1.  The District 5840 website domain name (AKA: website name) is: “rotary5840.org”
2.  The District 5840 website “URL” (web address) is: “http://www.rotary5840.org” 
3.  You may view the website from any computer browser software; however you must have a Login Name and Password to access the membership areas.
4.  If you do not have (or remember) your Login Name and Password; contact your club president and they will help you. Once you have these two items you are ready to login to the District 5840 Website and update your Rotary Profile.


District 5840 has a website which works with the “ClubRunner Platform”. This is a view of the website home page.


To access the District 5840 website, in your web browser go to:

  1. www.Rotary5840.org (TIP: click the “red colored” words to the left)
  2. On the front page, go to the top right hand corner where it says  “MEMBER LOGIN” and CLICK.
  3. Use your Rotary Club issued login name and password to login to this site.
  4. New users can register only if they know their Name and Email Address as it is in the Rotary Memebership System.


Please contact your club president and they will ensure you are in the Rotary Member System and your name/contact information is spelled correctly.

You can view/update/correct your Rotary Membership Information from the District 5840 Website.

If you are properly logged into your Rotary Memebership Account you should see your name in the top right hand corner.

To update your Membership Information click the words “MEMBERSHIP AREA“.  This will take you to your personal membership area.

If you cannot update your personal info:

Please contact your club president and they will ensure your security rights are properly adjusted.