Photography is becoming the most important part of a blog post. Perfect examples are the popularities of various blogs sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. Why? Given the same space, photographs convey so much more information that do words.  However, when language was being developed and there was a need to store information, pictographs were used to convey ideas and because each could be drawn simply and quickly.

Pictographs soon became standardized as “picture letters” or simply “letters” each with it’s own specifi meaning.  Letters gave early man the ability to chain together strings of meanings to describe constructive thoughts we call sentences.  Today, using cameras, mankind has the ability to produce highly detailed photographs which can display large amounts of information in relatively tiny spaces.  

Click on each photo below to expand and see what stories that photo has for you.  How many sentences would it take to describe everything you can imagine about each photo?