How to fail at blogging (and social media posting).

Tip: People are only going to read your blog if you write about what is interesting! The truth about how most people feel when reading any blog but their own: “If I’m going to use(waste) my time reading a blog; it had better be interesting reading.

Before you begin blogging, examine your true motives and be honest with yourself also.  Why do you want to write a blog?  It takes time and its work…so be sure it’s going to be worth the effort.  Decide what you hope to accomplish with your blog.

The three best ways to FAIL at business blogging…

First way to fail. Don’t post regularly.  Nothing says apathy like an out of date, abandoned blog.  Post on a regular basis. If you do not post it, they will not return.

Second way to fail.  Don’t write original content, simply copy someone else’s work and post it as your own.  Plagiarism is a crime.  See the US Copyright Laws ->

Third way to fail. Write about what makes you emotional, angry or sad.  Don’t worry about subject matter.   Write about what you find interesting (note: this is most likely not the same as what others find interesting).  Become a place blog site where people bitch about their daily activities which nobody is interested in. Topics like why bloggers argue with boy or girl friends, details of daily tasteless activities like drinking blended organic fruits and vegetable for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or bitching about their shopping activities and what they got.  For very many people, and too often blogs are just another way to seek attention and sympathy from other people.

Actual quote of a really bad blog post:
Today i argued with my babypooh [sic], he got mad a me just because justin asked me out for lunch, he ended up ignoring me and not calling me. i don’t know what i’ve done wrong and why am i crying over it right now. it’s just stupid, he’s not the man that he used to be, i still remember how he treats me when we first started, it was all so nice and perfect. but now, we’re like arguing over small matters almost every week. i don’t think i can take this anymore, i’m just tired of this relationship.
Don’t be guilty of bad blogging.