Unique photos tell your story better.

These “before & after” photos show the effect of Photoshop’s OIL PAINT FILTER. Filters are one of the fastest ways to add pizazz to common photos.


The crown jewel of recently created websites are the graphics.  Today’s websites are often about communicating through the graphics and the site’s visual appeal.  Gone are the days where reader’s interests were piqued by the occasional photo scattered among paragraphs of text.  The photos and graphics of today are a big part of the story telling.  So, the graphics publisher’s focus must be on telling the story.  

Unless you are quite lucky, a simple photo will not tell your story the way you intend. Fortunately there are hundreds of easy to use photograph manipulation tools for web publishers to choose from.  

When creating a web photo there are many factors to consider: finished size, shape (cropping), resolution, subject matter, color pallet, digital file format, camera to use, lighting, visual texture, finished file size, and special effects.

Of course, it’s only digital so it’s cheap to experiment and the possibilities are endless!